Leader Certification Sdn. Bhd.


Granting, Maintenance and Suspension of Certification


Upon completion of the audit by our auditors and submission of audit documents to LEADER, certification recommendations by the auditor initiate a review process. This involves assessing the audit report, closure of any applicable non-conformances, followed by a decision-making process to grant certification. Newly certified clients will be updated in the LEADER database and furnished with the prescribed standard’s LEADER logo and guidelines for its use.

Certification refusal occurs under the following circumstances:

  1. Major systemic lapses observed during the audit, leading to significant non-conformances across multiple key processes, impacting product/service quality.
  2. Failure to close major non-conformances within 30 days post-audit.
  3. Absence of a submitted corrective action plan for minor non-conformances within 30 days post-audit.
  4. Unsatisfactory evidence or corrective action plans for major and minor non-conformances, respectively, not meeting standard requirements.
  5. Non-response to raised non-conformances beyond 30 days post-audit.

For existing LEADER-certified clients:

  1. Satisfaction of prescribed management system standard requirements during Surveillance and Recertification audits.
  2. Effective communication and closure of raised non-conformances.
  3. Auditor’s recommendation to maintain certification based on client compliance maturity and adherence.
  4. Non-meeting of Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification criteria.

Post-recertification audit, continued compliance with prescribed management system standards allows for the recommendation to maintain certification and issuance of a new three-year certificate.

Temporary invalidation of LEADER-certified clients’ management system certification occurs under specific conditions:

  1. Inappropriate usage of LEADER Logo and Accreditation Mark.
  2. Non-response to raised non-conformances within 60 days post-issuance.
  3. Persistent or serious failures threatening certification credibility or not allowing necessary audits.
  4. Non-compliance with audit scheduling requirements.


Restoration conditions entail discontinuing logo usage and immediate compliance for restoration.

Following compliance to certification maintenance requirements, LEADER restores suspended certification within 6 months post-identification of issues, including special audits if needed.

Permanent termination of client certification due to non-compliance or other specific conditions. Restoration isn’t permitted. Withdrawn clients must discontinue logo usage and return certificates.

Occurs upon client request to expand certified activities or sites. Audit for extension may accompany surveillance or special audits.

Reduction happens:
  1. By client request for scope reduction.
  2. Dormancy of the certified scope for a cycle or 3 years whereas audit may accompany surveillance or recertification.